Today I have mainly been V2.0


We have an automatic tool post changer at work but was deemed to have to much movement in so the the chap I work with decided to make one from scratch when he has the time

Still a long way to go,and totally overspec


Have you been mainly watching him?
and nice nipples on that tool post


It looks terrific work but I’ve no idea what it is?



Saves having to change tools on the lathe manually.


I would go for a wooden one, maybe a console type. Are these normally American ?


Here too, they’re called mods :stuck_out_tongue:


Sitting on our first new sofa for about 15 years.


How will you get to the bathroom, bed, work, etc?


It has wheels :+1:



He had a mate who played the piano



He probably knew that other fella Mike Hunt.


He was the head groundsman at Lords.



Almost all the vintage sets you see in the UK are British. From the mid '20s up to the outbreak of WWII we were at least as good at making them as anyone else and shipping them was expensive. Once they started to move from battery/accumulator to mains the 110V/240V difference also tended to keep the US stuff out. After the war the UK was way too skint to afford anything foreign, indeed the pressure was on UK manufacturers to export whatever they could.



I worked with a Michael Hunt (definitely Michael, not Mike) in my previous job. Nice guy. There was also a John Thomas (JT).


In a previous life I once worked at the big Olympus Sports shop on Oxford Street. Like many sizeable shops they had a PA system for calling out staff notices etc. I was considered to be sensible and reliable enough to be asked to do shifts staffing the reception desk and running the PA.

Anyway one day I received an internal call with a request to call “Mike Hunt from head office to the managers office”.

Well there was no Mike Hunt!!! I wasn’t allowed back on the desk


The wife is at a furniture fair in Stockholm.

I’m not sure it will fit in her hand luggage




tell her to get a bigger suit case then