Today I have mainly been V2.0


As the other side of the family would say “it might fit in wor hole”


delivering a short course on-and-off today.

trying to decide whether I really want to apply for the job I have been doing (acting up) on a permanent basis…….


I’ll bet you were also sent to the car accessory shop to get a packet of spark plug gaps…


strangely in the same period of my life, I also ended up working at Texas Homecare - and I did deal with a young apprentice who came in as a customer with a shopping list which included tartan paint and sky hooks


A couple of ours, were, a yard of flight line, or a bucket of prop wash.


My first job in a bank and I was sent to the 3rd floor to ask for Mr Sheen. He’s in that office over there…opened the door to the cleaning cupboard!


I worked at a place where apprentices were sent to fetch specialist bits of tooling kit out of stores. If the thing was ‘down the back’ and the storesman was busy they might have to wait a little while. The trick was to see just how much of a wait they’d tolerate when they were sent for ‘a long rest’.



like a “long weight”


Lusting over a massive sopwith camel propellor in an antiques shop…around 2k i believe and rather nice . The things you find in these shops !!! Its an aladdins cave with amazing posters and old railway signs etc


Really? I might need that to cool my new Cocosan sit amps.:heart_eyes:




Good work, one thread to go.



Yes its big enough…might do the job !


I helped with some of the casework last Saturday Dave!


I hurl abuse from his sofa while he tinkers on building things.


Thanks Jim. I think. :nerd_face:


Don’t worry mate, I was only deburring holes Pete had just drilled :smiley:


Was that the bit that roasts the coffee ?




Pete’s got a good coffee machine now. :hugs: