Today I have mainly been V2.0


When I worked for an engineering firm apprentices who were off to site for 6 months as part of their training used to come and see us with a list of basic tools and we would add anything they might need for that particular job. they then went down the local tool shop where we had an account and the guys down there would kit them out.

I was checking one lads list and it had an adjustable spanner on it. I asked him if that was metric or imperial and he said that he didn’t know so I advised him to get one of each.
He came back with two identical tools, I pissed myself laughing until I got the invoice to sign off!


Waiting for the contract confirmation to come through on email.
It’s arrived.
Sat here waiting to give my current manager the good news, face-to-face like, cos that’s how I roll.
I feel alive.




Great news. Enjoy your new job.


Hmmm, work are challenging my proposed leave date, so I have gone back to the agent to see if I can defer the start by a couple of weeks. I just don’t have it in me to walk in 2 weeks. No matter how unlikely, I don’t want to risk my home and family if they pursue me for compensation.

If it doesn’t happen now, I only have myself to blame, but that’s OK if my girls are safe.

Feel free to unlike the original post. I’ll understand.

I feel sick.


Did you give them the line on their breach of contract?

There is no way IMO that they will pursue you, but that is only my opinion. Even if they did, I think that a tribunal would find in your favour as they were first to breach your contract.


Yes, I mentioned this. I am not prepared to go through that stress. It’s enough for me changing jobs and moving to contracting without having to fight a battle on another front.

Fuck. I wish I wasn’t so full of self-doubt.


You could ask them if not paying remuneration as agreed is sufficient to trigger constructive dismissal and watch what happens?


Personally my next step would be to put my feet up on my desk, put some tunes on the headphones and hit the forum hard. Get fully up to date with the news.

“I’ll play ball, document all my work and tidy up the loose ends, if you do as well.”


I drove home, and I’m doing just that (without feet on the desk as it makes typing quite difficult for someone of my limited flexibility)


Good luck dude :+1:


Sick note - workplace stress.


That was the gist of my resignation letter. I was off in 2017 due to stress, and I’m feeling like things are regressing that way at the moment.


And them fucking you over has just triggered it again. Go to the doctors today and lay it on thick.

If you have a note there’s fuck all they can do.


Last time I was off, the local NHS mental health here was imploding due to staff shortages and demand. It took 4 or 5 weeks before they called me to check I was OK… I refused the doctor’s offer of drug treatment and preferred to work through things myself.

If this new job does fall through, I’ll be availing myself of the appropriate services.


This is valid. However if it comes to a pissing competition over breach of contract suits, their failure to pay your superannuation could reasonably contribute to the bout of stress that you really should document with you GP immediately.


For a walk.

Jan planned a walk through the countryside to Much Wenlock, about 7 1/2 miles, arriving in time for a couple of pints in the local real ale pub and the bus back. Except the bus she planned to use went a massive detour and the actual one we needed was 2 hours later.

So we walked back by a more direct route. Still 12 miles and 24000 steps, 2 happy dogs and 2 knackered walkers.

Beautiful sunny day and a good couple of pints of Tribute ale.


Did some work this morning and then headed out for a run after lunch - utterly knackered and needed a nap afterwards.


Easy 32 mile ride on a borrowed jalopy with 2 friends. 20C in the shade at lunchtime. Usual sartorial elegance of the Brit abroad.


cleaning this morning , then nice walk on the beach admiring rockpools [ not many sea anemone`s sadly ] and walk round the marina in torquay . rounded off by a brief visit to HMV which quite by chance i passed in the local shopping centre here .