Today I have mainly been V2.0


Working in Belgrade then travelling to Dublin, the joy


Dublin in February…grim. Start drinking now, don’t stop until Stockport. You won’t notice the full horror of it.


More holidays than J_B Thomas Cook.

Where are you? Looks great.


That would liven up tomorrow’s meeting no doubt but may put the extension at risk…


Costa Blanca. Great at this time of year. Plenty of walking & cycling. Haven’t climbed this year.


What is the weather like? We are off to Calpe next week.


About 20 °C in the shade at lunchtime, I would guess.


It’s just started warming up. Should be nice. I’m just north of Calpe in Moraira.


Is the contract for the public sector, if so just say to the client “look we both know that public sector projects never start on time, I’ll see you in a few weeks”


You have a point there…


Today I will be attempting to change the kitchen taps :grimacing:

There will be much swearing. Wife and animals have already retreated to the farthest corner of the house.




I’ve made chocolate chip cookies with daughter today. This basically entails her tutting at how long it takes me to make cookies, while she secretes spoons away to lick. Once the dough was finished she put a huge dollop into a bowl and fucked off to watch TV and eat it. I feel that my quality parenting moment was successfully getting her to use a small spoon for this.


Playing in an orchestra day doing the Planets. Start at 10 this morning, informal concert at 5.

In case anyone was wondering, a brass sectional in a school science lab is quite loud…


Wear earplugs!


What do you play? Sam will be doing his grade 3 tuba in the summer.
Edit. Clue is in the avatar! Doh!


ha , have fun !!!


Oh wow, is that Montgo in the background! I know that area so well.


Helping a friend build a complex set of book shelfs from Habitat and then shift the boxes of books to go on them. Happy to help my friend, but it was a bit of jigsaw to put together.


Yes, that’s it. Rode out from Xabia on that circuit, low level trip. Lovely area. My third trip out here, great at this time of year.