Today I have mainly been V2.0


Very best of luck.


Here’s hoping for a good result


Best wishes Paul.


Best wishes Paul and Lou.


Good luck Lou and Paul!


Take care the pair of ya


Very best wishes


Pass on my best wishes to Lou Paul.


Best wishes to Lou


All the best there Paul :+1:


Best wishes Paul. This sounds very much like progress :+1:.



Best wishes to both of you mate. Good luck.


Best wishes to you both. Another step closer to the goal.


Resigning (finally).

I have given notice of 14th March.

If they want any more, they can do one.


…at the Doctor. I am now signed off until March. Specialist appointments and other quackfuckery looms.


Best wishes Paul and Lou.


Oh balls. You’re obviously not okay but I hope you’re okay if you know what I mean.




Nothing drastic thankfully. I have, for want of a better description, a flat battery. :roll_eyes: I have been instructed to stop arsing about and give it a chance to recharge.

If there is no great change I have been advised to seek retirement on medical grounds :persevere:. This is a total pain in the neck.


Oh fuck, I think we speak for everyone when I say we don’t want you retired off early…

…you’ll have even more time to litter this place with pedantry and drivel :joy: