Today I have mainly been V2.0


What a beautiful cat, I have never seen one of those before,
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in my experience very typical - a very close friend of our family had Siamese when I was a child, I remember them being equally crazy. Siamese are a breed known to be very inquisitive and very vocal…


Waiting in for this to arrive :slightly_smiling_face:






The picture was of the actual step down having arrived about an hour ago.


Does it work?


Well, there’s a lovely sound coming out of the speakers :slightly_smiling_face:


Handing someone’s behind to them on a technical level after they sent an email to my boss and their manager claiming that what I did was wrong, when the guidance they should have read said otherwise…


Trying not to brain my manager with a laptop. I resigned 3 weeks ago. Aside from an automated email, I have received no acknowledgement from the company. I reminded my manager today that I finish next week, and he responded by suggesting the finish date might not be possible. After three fucking weeks.


Only just seen this, thanks I will try and contact him.


Go talk to HR and document your side of the story. Remind them in writing your leaving date.


Unblocking a drain. This semi retirement is not what it’s cracked up to be.


HR are fucking useless. I asked them two weeks ago to forward me an email address for references. I am yet to get a response.

I replied to my manager today, copied in the top person on the contract I am supporting, and reiterated my leaving date.

I finished my handover last week. I am just hanging around now to answer any questions the receiving team have. I have worked hard to help them.

I am seething.


watch your blood pressure !! have a look at what has happened to luke perry


Remind them daily in writing and notify them that you are contacting a solicitor for further advice. Also tell them your home insurance has £100K worth of legal expenses.


Viewed 9 bungalows in South Lincs last week. This was the pick of the bunch, but would have to convert the double garage into a listening room.

Arranging viewings today in Norfolk for this Saturday. I’m particularly excited about this property, not a bungalow but I think it would suit us perfectly.


Bottom one looks very nice

Looks like it was a primary school


That old school house looks the nuts @Jim :+1:


Doh,just saw it is an old school house