Today I have mainly been V2.0


Pah !


Like the school house Jim, is it split into several properties?


Yep, pretty sure it is, but it is freehold. :+1:


Excellent local place names:

Great Snoring (far enough away that the noise shouldn’t keep you awake)
Little Snoring
Wood Dalling
Field Dalling



It’s not easy finding properties with a large room for the hifi (hence places with a double garage to convert) and a separate tv room for Ann - she doesn’t want both in the same room.

A couple of the other viewings lined up for Saturday:


Ann has relatives in Little Snoring…


They both look contenders.

No.1 has a great shed for Ann to watch telly in :confused:


Best of luck with your search Jim!


The School house looks great!
Do you think you could lug a decent sized speaker up the spire of the school house? A nice rousing morning prog chorus for the village would announce your commitment to the community and instill a little awe and wonder. On slow days you could sit up there shouting ‘Repel all boarders’ and harangue the odd passer by. Retirement offers so many possibilities


nice one , wont diss your choices :rofl:


Starston is the one, used to live there and only 20 mins from me.

Plus you are closer to civilisation. :grin:


I really like the first one. The thing is, if you convert the garage, where are you going to park the Porsche?


In the porch?


Agree. The first one for me. All are great. Glad you are considering further north for my own selfish reasons… hopefully able to get to one of your gatherings

Good luck you be-bearded bam pot.


It’s bampot. You bampot.


Cleaning and fixing a laptop, it started to do funny things as it was overheating as after 5 years it needed internal cleaning as the fan was clogged. Then managed to put it back in one piece, but the sly bastards at Dell allow you to put back the SSD drive so that it doesn’t quite connect (as the slot allows for SATA drives), that had me worried for 5 secs. Now all working fine.


School house looks like you can get the hifi away from the neighbours.

Need to check drive is big enough for panny.

Who will be milk monitor ?


Gotta be the school house as Jim already wears the shorts. Tailor-made !


And we are all a bunch of children at bake offs.


Barn conversion gets my vote. Cracking house!