Today I have mainly been V2.0


I’d say I’ve literally decimated my to-do list today, but I’ve actually done rather better than that. Now I’m knackered.


Shifting a 3 seater leather sofa down to the ground floor for Camden to collect tomorrow. Much easier than it was 12 years ago when I brought it up the same stairs. Sadly a bit too worn to donate and also doesn’t have necessary safety labels. Never mind its done me 12 years and did my late friend another 4.


Oppressed and depressed by Chinese lamp man, who will save the day?

Fueled on cream cake John is Unfuckwithable - A big thank you for helping me escape Chinese oppression.

Oh yes, nearly forgot, - Fuck you Chinese lamp man!


Was it adjustable or did bits need to be cut off?


Cutting the tube was the simple bit, tapping the thread was the main issue. I have kept the cut length in case I ever meet Chinese lamp man and get the opportunity to set about him with his poorly plated part.


How many people will hit their head on the bottom lamp?


Hope he touched up the paintwork


all the people over 6 foot 6


…about that




This is nice (but pricey)


£300, is he insane? There is no market for tuners, you can’t give them away. And it’s only a matter of time before FM is no more.


writing job descriptions for Readers.




now that would be exciting!! Unfortunately I am dealing with “Reader in AI” and “Reader in Cyber Security”


This is usually a really horrible job unless you have a couple of promising SL candidates who are too early for consideration for a chair but too good to loose in which case: :innocent:


Loose? :thinking: Into the wild?


Fat fingers fuckup there. Sorry to confuse you.


It’s not difficult :roll_eyes:


Bloody hell they’re cheap! Wow.