Today I have mainly been V2.0


Hangover finally abating. Fuck Old Rosie!


Taking forever over a ton of tedious shit that I fundamentally don’t want to do, but ultimately have to.




did you?


One of my favourite bourbons


You have ot have six toes on each foot. :rofl:


watching an oven cleaner work his magic as i am fed up with cleaning them , took everything and i mean everything to bits and spent nearly 2 hours cleaning it and now looks like brand new . wouldn`t want his job but so glad there are people who do it !!


had mine done before Christmas, looked like showroom new


Best £30 I spent last month


Agree, horrible job and worth every penny I pay someone else to do for me!


paid double that but i think thats fair for what he did


Regretting not heeding the advice post-blood donation to avoid alcohol last night. :dizzy_face:




Just exercising my liver for tonight’s visit to the pub


Thanking fuck this cunt of a week is nearly done…


…admiring Mrs May’s efforts on International Women’s Day.



Due to a crocked neck, not very much.
Narelle on the other hand, has completed a collage of our life together over the last 34 years…


Could just have been two album covers…


That’s a great idea!


We have several with various themes. This one came about as she has just finished scanning 15000 photos onto the Laptop.