Today I have mainly been V2.0


^^ This, first rule of being cool uncle is never to grass or snitch.


Yep, this thought has (now) occurred to me as well.

I didn’t think anything of it until just after I’d blurted it out.


Indeed, the best way to keep some sort of relationship with teenagers is to keep their secrets, unless what they are doing is illegal or dangerous, even then talking to them direct without dobbing them in may work better.


Thanks Dad.






enough people already hate you for your musical choices without adding to the list! :rage:





Woke up with good intentions of a bracing early morning walk, making bakewell tortes, clearing out the loft.

Fell back asleep after wife got (noisily) up for work, got fucking soaked with the dog at lunchtime and have sat drinking coffee and eating battenburg in front of the fire since.

Feel slightly guilty, but will just tell Emma the loft has been cleaned. She’ll never bloody know anyhoo.


Mods !


Done that loads of times. Well, not telling your Mrs coz that’d be weird


Carrying on from yesterday. Took the girls and a bunch of my eldest daughter’s friends to the Panic Rooms, loads of screaming and hysterical girls :pensive: back here for pizzas and cake. Now hiding in my pit chilling with a beer :beer:
All because my eldest became a teenager this weekend :birthday:


Fuck! Now it starts mate :tired_face::tired_face:


Tell me about it. She’s already been practicing the moody, backchatting attitude for about a year. My only hope is she grows out of it ahead of schedule :grimacing:


Not a fucking chance Paul. You’ve got that till you snuff it; only then will you get some peace :open_mouth:


Too many white flaggers on this forum




Had some lovely friends for tea, they were delicious.


Swinging :blush:


Helped my Mrs lug a load of books for a booksale , delivered an old rotel to a friend and then admired rather a lot of lovely 70,s hi fi