Today I have mainly been V2.0



Jan’s off to Castleford to help with the Granddaughter so I have to do things.

I’ve had to feed and muck out the horses, walk the dogs, sort the Basil and various pepper seedlings out, walk to pub and back.

Feed dogs, myself (fish poached in a rather nice homemade prawn sauce with new potatoes and peas) and resident son who has just arrived backed from Castleford (whiskey and cheese toasties) where Jan had relieved him from his fatherly duties while he works down here.

Fuck, who thinks retirement is a rest.


Rookie error. You should know better at your age :wink:.


Waiting for an interview candidate who has somehow managed to get lost in Islington.

25 minutes late so far.

If I were him I’d be cutting and running at this point.


Hope it’s not for a courier job


The whole thing has now descended into farce.

I think he’s hiding in the toilet.

No, really.


It’s the cunty shoe thread, he only has sneakers.


Fire-fighting for my soon to be ex-employer.

Things are going to get interesting around here after Thursday. :radioactive:


We once lost an interview candidate in the toilet - he was found across the other side of the campus, weeping. He was found holding a small cube of wood, muttering how the whole world was inside this cube…yes for real…we had to call the doctor, from our on oncampus GP, he was taken to hospital and sectioned…


I’m still a tad put out by this, the food was OK but the bastards took my world cube.

  • Fuck you Nurse itsforyourowngood.


Don’t you practice Inclusiveness at your school ?


Washing our A5 for the first time in 4 months.

Also cleaning the interior of an R8.


I didn’t realise things had got that bad in law, that the better solicitors had turned to car washing …

I applaud your hand turning


Back to the grindstone tomorrow.


Solicitor type person, car washer and now flour maker. Do your talents have no bounds?



I tried assembling a gyrodec tonight, and failed, so yup there are definitely limits. I don’t do the cooking either!


Look on the bright side, that practically qualifies you as a hi-fi dealer…


And there are lot of cars that can be washed , which makes a change from dough


£5.00 a car hand washed ,business’s thriving on Teesside ,they are everywhere…


Darn Sarf it’s:
£7 for a small car
£10 for medium
£12 for large.
£3K for any cunt who drives an Audi :+1:


Or in the case of one close , clean my own and I’ll wash your’s for envy