Today I have mainly been V2.0


Someone jumped the gun last night and disabled my accounts… :joy:


Standard, I suspect you will be garden leaved.


Nah. They just enabled them again. They want me to release some code today before I disappear, so they had to.


Just enough time to install the time bomb code that deletes everything on April 1st


Not necessary. The general air of incompetence will see to that.


looking at the dreadful weather and feeling very glad indeed i managed to cement the side of a roof yesterday in lovely sunshine !!! preparing for an stampede of flat viewers wed and having to choose someone is always hard .


Helping younger daughter collect a new bed from Ikea. Getting the mattress in the car was a challenge, then getting it up the final narrow, low flight of stairs to the attic room of her terrace took a lot of udging and heaving.
While in the dread Ikea I noticed this rug, well named given its dull grey brown colour.


Pissing about with a new photography background. Cream is hard to capture with definition on an under-lit white background but I’m not sure about this grey


i suggest orange velour or use a background made of bacon rashers


Jan has been up with the new Granddaughter for 5 days helping out and is due back today so I’m trying to make the house look as closely as possible to the state she left it in - i.e. perfect.


There’s something to be said for the ‘look how hopeless I am without you’ tactic. Everything depends on how much they already know about your abilities though. In Mrs VB’s case that’s everything.



No, I’ve had extensive on the job training so that wont work.


Not possible. Not at all.

Give up now, you may as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb.


I think stronzetto should be in charge of backgrounds.




Preparing for my last day in my current role:

  • Lie-in

  • Leisurely breakfast en route to office

  • Surf internet for a couple of hours

  • Long pub lunch

  • Go home


You’ll need to buckle down for your new boss. :wink:


Trying to extricate a dead rat from under floorboards that are impossible to remove without the use of a kango hammer or high explosive. Smelly bastard :rage:




I can see the manky fucker but can’t reach it. Mrs J has gone to acquire one of those helping hand gizmos.