Today I have mainly been V2.0


Unless @freefallrob 's drive is on a slope, when it might slide down on the slick of oil.


You guys really know how to ruin a mans dreams you know :cry:


Bude sea pool


Lovely there, I hope you took a dip.


Being strong and stable. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes - We will definitely do that again.


had the kin here a couple of years ago to try for a couple of hours but i think i preferred at the time to stay with established names . then i have had the firebottle monos here with a couple of speakers on trial and they are valve hybrid

ordered a pair and they are good vfm at 1100 for the pair i think , they have been running now with the impulse speakers and are extremely transparent without any fatigue . they sound extremely good actually , very muscular and build quality is very good .


Not with AOS members. I was threatened with a ban the very first time I mentioned it on that forum. I was very disappointed with their attitude towards me.


So not to get a good product down today I made a load of them today mostly going the lucky AA members. :+1:


Their loss Tim.

They are henceforth condemned to play dirty records :skull:



If you’d said it used a technics motor marco would be singing its praises all day long.


Doing some gentle stirring…


Most of the fora (not this one) charge dealers a fee, and in general a dealer is anyone who uses the forum to sell things outside the normal ‘classified’ ads for single items. Even folks like me, who only sell a service, get charged. Could this be why the management threw a strop ? To be fair if they let some people flog stuff without paying then they’d get a ton of grief from the ones who are paying.



I think it was the manner in which it was done that was the problem really.


Could be. I don’t pay to be on AoS so I didn’t see any of the details.



It’s all water under the bridge.
As a start up with no real business plan I never expected the reaction I got, but hey that’s life. Maybe I was being a bit naive.


Up at 05.00 to get the 06:55 ferry and off to Lerwick hospital to pick Lou up. She was admitted on Friday with fluid on her lungs and chest which had built up to such an extent that they thought it could be dangerous if left untreated.

Anyway after intensive treatment for 4 days (which apparently involved a LOT of pissing) she was well enough to come home today and looks miles better than she did before she went in.

As you would expect she’s glad to be home and the ‘girls’ gave her a tremendous welcome!


Turning a record clamp for my record cleaner. Well the bloke at work did the making part


Nice knurling.