Today I have mainly been V4.0 (Part 1)

Not playing golf due to the fact that it is pissing down

Every cloud … silver lining …



Since when did rain stop golfists?

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I never played golf in the rain, I didn’t play in any weather really…


Not much fun when you wear glasses tbh.
I have all the Galvin Green gortex waterproofs and they are excellent.
Fine for when you are caught out in it but a forecast of 3 hrs of heavy rain is one to avoid.


Last time I played it pissed down
Couldn’t keep hold of the club so went home

Must get another one of these

I had one of those when I was a kid, my brother and I set up a course round the house, you could change clubs! It was incredibly realistic in that we lost all the balls rather quickly.

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We had that or similar called pro shot golf

Yes, my neighbour had one
Think it was Lee trevino or Gary player endosed

Arnold Palmer Pro Shot was the one we had


That’s the kiddie

Part of yesterday’s walk took me along the Thames Path from Day’s Lock to just past Dorchester in the morning, then back in the afternoon. The morning section happened to coincide with The Thames Trot, an organised 48-mile run from Oxford to Henley. Perhaps 40 or 50 of them came past me. I couldn’t help noticing that the men’s gear included a selection of more-or-less baggy shorts, which I guess minimises the dreaded ‘chafing’. The women, however, were all running in skin-tight Spandex/Lycra. If you are capable of running 48 miles then you are hardly carrying an ounce of spare fat. Everything on show looks like muscle, and the Spandex leaves little to the imagination.

I’m really grateful to these lasses for cheering an old guy’s morning up, even if the sight of them, perhaps 20 miles in, still running away from me was a bit dispiriting :disappointed:.



This brings up Benny Hill images…

did you know an anagram of “spandex” is “expands”

Now you’re showing your age Dave :grin: !


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Just back from Sunday lunch.

Sofa and a snooze beckons I think…

Back in the days when I’d run half marathons I’d use such ‘imagery’ as motivation and to help set my pace. It was an amazingly effective distraction from the pain & drudgery of actually running.

Had a nice walk round Bolton Abbey and the surrounding area


Plymouth Hoe


Baking banana bread :yum: