Today I have mainly been V5.0

Not having a working dishwasher.

Wall mounting a TV
And laughing at this



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Just finding out that daughter #2 has just got engaged to a wonderful fella that both me and Mrs M find most suitable.
We will always remember this day as Eng v USA, WC 2022 :hugs::grin:


Mr. Right :+1:

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Winner gets to keep James Corden

Nah. He’s big, of Polish heritage, and a master welder who does labs and hospitals and shit. And we love him.
Plus he’s the only one who’s been able to tame her and make her happy.
That’ll do for us :+1:


Then we lose. Happily :grin:

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Mainly been unpacking the last boxes into our new built in storage. (Obvs before photo)

Really impressed by the work of a local carpenter!


Ohh the transformers or neogeo I could put there :eggplant:

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Roy Wood has let himself go a bit :flushed:

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That looks :ok_hand:

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One of my favourites from the 90s.

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Thanks, very pleased with it. Well worth it over a DIY IKEA lash up attempt!

EIGHT hour drive to fucking Swanage…


(Half an hour popping in to see The Splendid Prof. Valvebloke, which was the sole highlight, sorry we couldn’t stay longer!)



Good to see you and Sam and the hounds again Paul :+1:. You were all looking very fine !

Sorry to hear about the traffic though. All those ‘unemployed and not seeking employment’ have to be somewhere I guess. On a Friday afternoon it’s southbound on the A34 and westbound on the M4 :frowning_face:.

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Cheers, great to see you’re on the mend too! Travel was my usual mix of poor luck and worse judgement.

Today we are in a caravan, high on a hillside, in November, and the heating and hot-water has packed-up…

T’internet is on-and-off too.

And the rain’s just getting started.

I’m currently making bacon jerky in the most woeful grill I have yet encountered, but at least it’s a heat source…


Starting day 1 of a week fending-for-self. The wife is over looking after her mother who has her second cataract operation on Monday.

I have a massive pile of MixMag CDs to rip, so that’ll keep me busy :laughing:

Sausages for tea tonight :fire_engine:


Just had a remarkably stress free drive down to Staines, checked into travelodge and now chilling for an hour or so before jumping a train to Richmond or Twickenham for pre match lunch & drinkies.


Lol, which one thought November in a caravan was a good idea. That’s cheered me right up :+1: