Today I have mainly been V5.0

Loud and clear :muscle::+1:

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I bet you fucking clapped though :ok_hand:

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If they’d been little kids, I’d have developed an unhealthy mix of pity and Stockholm-syndrome, and if they’d been proper adults I could at least have perved over the attractive ones … if there had been any attractive ones, but this is Spalding, and these were gallumphing-great 18YO loutlings, so I soon discovered there are functional limits to my immense hypocrisy, and my only distraction was the very expensive double G&Ts I was bashing-back: so, no, Not. Even. Once.

Fuck me, it was terrible


worse than Ad Astra?

And most of the cast and their parents will think they have a future on stage in the West End, Broadway, or at least a walk on part in Hollyoaks.

Much worse than what they did to Alex in Clockwork Orange…

Worse than third-world anaesthesia-free dental extractions by an unwashed halitotic dentist with final-stage alcoholic shakes…

Time slowed to a standstill, Misery-incarnate rode-forth and Hell itself danced a merry jig of glee; my will-to-live took fatal Hitpoints, the World became - incrementally but permanently - a darker place…


Next time, just say no. :wink:

This bugged me actually, because this wasn’t a school sixth-form, they were paying for this at a so-called theatre-company / ‘academy’, probably paying a LOT of money, yet not only were the kids talentless and clearly poorly-educated in this (think lots of rabbit-in-headlights faces, musically-thalidomide), even the “pros” in the supporting live ensemble did things like miss major cues to play-in songs - I mean, talk-about “You had one job to do…”!!!

If I was a 'rent, I’d have been fuming, but these dumb saps were clapping like performing-seals throughout the whole catastrofuck…

I have been merely sat on the horns of a dilemma, between confidential information and safeguarding of an individual. I have to act tomorrow and it’s a no brainer for me, the lawyers can worry about that bollocks. I sometimes hanker for the good old days of dockyard justice with no witnesses available for the prosecution. To be honest, the shit I have had to read has turned my guts upside down, some people are truly vile and beyond redemption.

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Always comes first.

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In my head too, but then lawyers. One for a Thursday night, will all be done and dusted by the next one of them.

‘Ad Astra’ sounds silly - I’ve not seen it - but it sounds like way too much cannabis was involved in its conception and making - but it’s still sci-fi, and I actually like sci-fi, and if I wanted to go and see it, it would cost me £7, not £12, and would thieve just two hours from my existence, not three.

So yes, it is worse than Ad Astra, both measurably worse and subjectively worse :+1:

I’m assuming this is all work related. If there’s not a process in place for handling that kind of potential conflict of requirements, there really fucking should be.

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Knowing this, you still went. Now that Sam knows you have sat through the worse musical ever I predict a future blessed with many trips to the West End, sing along now

I was stitched-up - the dozy fucking mares had ‘volunteered’ me for this garbage and purchased tickets, so I was obliged to go, but having gone immediately into denial mode, I had assumed it was a screen musical by professionals, not a sub-am-dram tier piss-drizzle.

Next time: there will be no next time - I’m not going back inside, I’ll die in prison if I kill an entire west-end cast, no matter how much they deserve it…


1st visit of the year
Daughter fancied going to north Devon


Your big mistake Paul was only one G and T. Amateur.
Next time big Evian water bottle half filled with Vodka.

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Walking in the rain . . .

Love a walk in the autumn rain me.

Now watching hand egg ball and doing taco prep work.