Today I have mainly been


couple of weeks back , got a bit irritated by carpet fitter who had put bar in door jamb so you could not shut , rather than take door off i just moved door bar


I thought the idea was to release something that kills another part of the system to give the team more work & job security.


Yes, we call that refuctoring.



Ugh :poop:

I wanna be on the dole . . . . .


Had birthday cake for breakfast, did work this morning, then Stork & Puffin sandwich, now doing TV and cake, then clearing our bedroom for a new carpet in the morning, then Indian takeaway for tea with lager, then Blade Runner 2049 bluray.


That sounds like a truly epic day :metal:


Got through a difficult escalation meeting with Dept Health, and lived to fight another day. Culmination of three works pretty intense and often frustrating work, but finish for the weekend with a good result.


Putting up new nets on our new double glazing…joy.


Chair in sweet spot for net admiring :+1:


Only if you have eyes in the back of your head. :ok_hand:


Or a mirror :grin:


Or a periscope, web cam…etcetera!!


Snow day for the kids, so I took the eldest with me to London. He quite enjoyed seeing my nerve conduction test, really liked the Bridget Riley exhibition (it’s pleasing that he can enjoy abstract art now, it’s a mental advance they make about this age), loved the snow on the roof at the British Museum (and some other stuff there).

Although the highlight of his journey was seeing the door that is the entrance to the abandoned platform at Holborn. Staff wouldn’t allow us in though.


Permanent exhibit?


It’s cold, but they were not impressed with my precautions at the reception of the Hilton Metropole


cleaning cooker parts , hate this job , takes a very long time and used a whole box of brillo pads . to think people clean ovens for a living !!!


nice comfortable poang chair there :grinning:


I don’t think they use Brillo pads, more like industrial strength chemicals.


Messing with hornresp, this wont end well.


Finishing off our bedroom ready for a new bed on Monday.