Today I have mainly been


Are you talking about the doggos ? If so then yes, they are. Pretty, on the other hand, is in the eye of the beholder :neutral_face:.



No, popped over for a listen to the new speakers. Very nice. The dogs are of course lovely attention fiends.

Actually, I popped over, found the house empty, but managed to locate Paul at the local watering hole.

“How did you find us?”

Errrrrmmmmmmm, not hard.






True story :shushing_face:


Spent the morning being taken on a tour of a place that for the most part consisted of looking at closed doors, because ‘security’
Then sat on a number of trains from Newcastle to Hove, all of which were late.


Shopping trolley?


Does look like it doesn’t it.



Today I will be desperately trying to finish as early as possible, travel home, and then do precisely fuck all whilst listening to some LPs. I intend to completely forgo the usual pantomime of pretending to appear busy or useful, and remain unashamedly indolent for the rest of the evening.


I hope to do the same except I shall substitute ‘pissed’ for ‘indolent’ :wink:


Fixt. :metal:


nursing a hangover!


Sacking off work, taking a brisk 6 miler and then spending rest of the day bathing a spaniel.


Oh…and experimenting with exotic coffee making techniques. …


You sick fuck!!!



use a straw to froth it up for a cappuccino or sculpt the frothed milk into a work or art



That’s euphemism right ?


Yes, it’s a euphemism.


I thought so :+1:


You know it’s bad when even you won’t stoop that low.