Today I have mainly been


You can keep your bourgeois mochafrappecortado babyccino** coffee boolshit.

I’m raising the bar in home barista-ing whilst giving a nod to the working man. This next.

** that is actually a thing. Fuck knows what it is but was on the price list of Costa this morning.


sod the carnation stuff, just whip up storm with



Top trolling :grinning:


Fed up.


You stick yer tackle out and see what bites… as Jim would say.


Stop feeding then :stuck_out_tongue:


He did, but only 'cos some sod knicked his triangular choccy bar




Jojo’s bizzare adventure, so good.


Accidentally knocking a beer all over my Apple laptop ( sheep ). The world is about to discover if Macs are beer proof…


This is the very epitome of Apple ownership. :slight_smile:

Everyone else would just call it a computer or if youth is still on their side … a laptop.

Not an Apple guy tho…oh no … it’s Apple this, Mac that… :slight_smile:


They celebrated the Hindu Holi festival today at the school where Alice teaches. This is how she’s arrived home…:rofl:


Quality multi hued carryings on! :smile:


Indeed especially since I’m relegated to using the phone as my Microsoft Surface 3 Pro Titanium XXL Max Power is struggling to charge


My oldest daughter did that a few years back, great fun


Well that plan to leave early didn’t materialise :man_facepalming:

Still stuck in office spinning numbers and not letting people go home until it’s done. Have 80 mile journey on top whenever that bloody starts.


Well … It’s beer proof. No doubt due to the fact it’s not just any old laptop, it’s an Apple laptop :sunglasses:


Playing golf at Littlestone Golf Club in the company of The Fat Cunt Troller of this parish.
Great links course in Kent, in the top 100 in the UK


You’ll probably find it’s Yer Maws laptop.


Haven’t you got a Vaillant boiler to install?