Today I have mainly been


Polishing shiny things. WIth the doors and windows shit. I may be a little high right now…


How did you manage to get at all high in S Lincs ?




Have you been necking the brasso?


I know it is an old house, but I thought the windows were pretty nice.


Yeh, I do seem to have inhaled a LOT of volatiles… :dizzy_face:


Spent a lovely jet lagged fuelled evening with Miriam’s Uncle and his wife, recently returned from S Africa. we were joined by a friend of his along with his wife, farmers near Skipton. 8 bottles of wine consumed and a great S African curry. A walk round Skipton this morning to help clear the head, followed by a tip to said farm.

Banging headache whilst watching the farmers arm disappear up a ewe to help the second of twin lambs into this world. Epic hangover cure!

On the bonus side I found a 16 bunk barn a mile up the road, will be having a butchers at that soon.


Giving wifey a day off, life skills with the girls.
1st up, how to re-rack records from the currently playing pile, they both struggled with my chaos theory filing system. 2nd lesson, baking. This has been along time subject, an essential, if you can bake a decent loaf you will always have something worth eating for peanuts money (that’s their motivator). All done to a carefully selected soundtrack.


Walking, first along this lavada


We went on a walk with the local wildlife trust looking for hares. Didn’t see any.


Me too. Fucking ace isn’t it?
Planted some seeds in little pots yesterday, and put them on the spare room windowsill.


I had to look that up.

Did you see any lava ?



Travelled over to @edd9000’s so he could connect up the balanced inputs on my Aleph 60s. Sounding superb with my DIY valve pre amp.


knocking the tip off my Koetsu Black. :frowning:

Although sad it had been rebuilt and didn’t cost a fortune when I first bought it. Still a bummer though.

Luckily I still have a Transfiguration Temper Bmtell sold me years ago with some milage left it. Sounding nice spinning Gil Scott Heron Winter in America so thats something. :slight_smile:


Reverse engineering a quite Byzantine solid-state digitally-managed analog volume control in a pre-amp. It uses eight volume control chips of two different kinds. It turns out it’s pretty clever actually, but non-trivial to diagnose. It wouldn’t have been so bad if it had been working. But it looks like ‘a little accident’ (not mine, thank heavens) has blown all 8 chips in a selection of different ways. That’s made unpicking the wreckage a bit challenging. Still, if it was easy then people would fix their own kit.



Can you claim on yer insurance? I did for my Rosewood Sig.
That Transfiguration was unclepuncles before mine. Nice cart.


Well, weekend actually, in Yorkshire with family…

Friday. Pub, Golden Fleece, Bradshaw, Halifax. Proper boozer.

Saturday, Dog walk round Ogden Woods. Castleford to see our son’s new / first house purchase. Last 6 months got his first job, engaged and first house - result :grinning:. Meal with the future in-laws.

Sunday. Dog walk round Scammonden Reservoir, Huddlesfield. Drive home.

And relax :sunglasses:


Only very old, well set stuff. Lots of the rock here has bubbles in it, so probably was lava.


Possibly, certainly worth checking.

I agree the Transfiguration is a lovely cart as is a Lyra Argo I also have.


I just had Tesco contents insurance at the time. No hassle at all.


When I fucked up an AT OC9 my house insurance (Liverpool Victoria, Iirc) paid up with no issues. I sent them a link to the most expensive OC9 I could find on Amazon (stupidly expensive), and they paid that, minus excess, which coincidentally turned out to be the price of a new OC9 from another seller…