Today I have mainly been


For a walkies around Hardwick Hall.


View from the start of today’s walk

and a fine ending to it


That bottom pic looks like a scene from The Princess Bride.


Muddy bike ride, happy to be out again though :wink:


Trampoling this weather , …you rotter


The Madeira cellar/seller


Did you ask for small one?


Having a well deserved day off doing fuck-all.

Yesterday was a Right Royal Clusterfuck. I am under investigation (internal Fraud squad) for a missing item of Lost Property. It went missing from the office safe (which I processed and placed into the safe, thus having my name all over the paperwork) over the weekend.
One of my colleagues has nicked it (as only those who work in the office have access to the safe) but the trail leads to me.
I’ve already noted an attitude change among some of my colleagues. TBF, most have been very supportive. But some are sniping, bitching and generally battening down the hatches.

There is a very good chance that I will be “stood down” pending the investigation. This, in itself is no biggy, but it won’t help my chances of promotion, which was looming.


Crap news, hope they work out the real culprit asap.


FFS, that fucking sucks, shows how little they know their employees if you of all people is being lined-up to carry the can for this! What an absolute bunch of thundercunts!


I’m sorry to hear about this Terry. It doesn’t sound like a nice situation at all.

You’d have to be pretty special to nick something to which (I presume) only a small pool of people have access.

But you’d have to be the biggest dullard on the planet to sign it into the safe yourself and then nick it. Hopefully your internal rozzers can see this, even if they still have to follow process.


Oh bloody hell :anguished:.


Christ alive, I assume there’s no cctv inside the office?


That’s shit, Terry. Knowing a little about the internal wranglings of TfL / LU they will be thorough in their investigation and hopefully clear you of any accusations, Don’t suppose you have cctv in the room, or at least a camera pointing at the door to the room?


Sadly, no internal CCTV and only a single camera on the main door into the staff/management suite.


That’s shit mate. Hope everything works out for you.


Fucking hell Terry, I really hope this gets sorted out in your favour quickly mate. I wish I could say that I can’t believe a colleague would let you possibly get the sack, but unfortunately there are plenty of selfish cunts around.


Not good that. Was anybody with access also up for promotion?


Fuck, some people are right cunts.


Amazing that anyone would do this.

But, logically, anyone with access to the safe would be able to take it - just because you placed it there does not mean that you took it. All those that had the key/combo should be equally under suspicion.