Today I have mainly been


Indeed, as you’re the person who signed it in, you’d be the last person to contemplate taking it. Have these cabbages never seen NCIS?


Classic double-bluff. Guilty as charged. :wink:


Ebay or car boot?

(Hope it gets resolved properly)


That’s a pity. It can’t all be down to you though - anyone with access must also be under suspicion. Do all staff have the code for the safe or only a select few?


Only 15 have access. 6 were on duty over the weekend.

No. Although one is moving to a different group.

Not likely as it was cash !


Put them all in a room together and see which one breaks first


Finishing off a repair/rebuild on a Glasshouse 300B amp

2nd one I have done now, if I get asked to do another, please talk me out of it :roll_eyes:


Doesn’t Mike have one of those? :grinning:


no idea, if he does, this isn’t his :grinning:

he does have several record players cluttering up the place :roll_eyes:




So it’s totally untraceable, there was no CCTV and six people had access. It was one of those six, you’ll never know which one so case closed, procedures need to be improved.


This. What a bunch of idiots they must be, to center on you, just because you put it in there. Six other people with access are just as likely, as you, to have taken it. No way should they be allowed to punish you, more than the others. Get your union rep involved, and the police.

Management with a case of the dumb!


If only it were that simple. To save the arses of the people higher up the ladder a scapegoat is required.



They shouldnt suspend you. If they do they should suspend all 6 of you.


Is there only evidence that you wrote your name on the package?






Rule of thumb;

If the staff member is struggling with work and/or life is getting difficult : offer support.
If it has potentially bad publicity associated with it : throw them under a bus !


So something is shoplifted from a shop, aha, it must be the person who stacked the shelf. Idiots.