Today I have mainly been


A bus? You would think they would keep it in house,I mean they have all them trains. :thinking:


However, it costs them Lost Customer Hours if there are delays. Derp :roll_eyes:


Good luck Terry.


What a load of crap Terry, hope it’s sorted soon in your favour.


All the best Terry :+1:. Another case of tragic racial stereotyping by the sound of it.



Winning a very tidy sum at Cheltenham with hopefully 3 more days of riches to follow.:star_struck:


Hope sense prevails Terry.


A stroll on the PR1


Out of interest, has anyone claimed it?

Presumably someone had counted it so knew the value. Would all of the people with access have known it was in there and how much there was?

What would normally have happened to it if it does go unclaimed?


HxB’s all round, I presume


and not Waitrose ‘saver’ ones.


Hifi fund ?


No-one claimed it.
I counted it in front of another staff member - £100 and about £20 in foreign currency. Yes, all money is counted and logged on specific forms, which all have access to.

After 6 months it goes to the person who hands it in (if it’s a customer) or to a charity.


If it was a cask of Real Ale Terry, I’d be pointing the finger.
Money, no chance, don’t they know Strayans are still bartering and don’t know what money is for ?
All the best mate, can’t be nice for you.


Someone is risking their, and somebody elses livelihoods for that? Cunt.
It astounds me that people do that for such piddling sums, Posties nicking £10 out of cards for instance (although the last case I had to escalate up the line ended up being £30k+ worth :flushed:) .


Waiting for an Amazon delivery.



10:46 NOW


That’s a shit - Good luck for a good outcome, I am sure that common sense will prevail - I think that this could actually be a very good talking point during an interview.


“Tell us as about a difficult situation and how you resolved it.”

“I suspended them all over a tank of rabid sharks, slowly lowering them, inch by inch, until the guilty party cracked”.


11.29 am …Have they been yet?
It’s a nuisance waiting in …I like the delivery company’s where they keep you informed and are generally within the stated time


Finally getting JRiver MC23 working on my Raspberry Pi :smiley: