Today I have mainly been



or just give them lots of Scottish delicacies - stuff dipped in batter and deep fried, or pork pies,



Seriously glad you are ok though.

I had a similar trouser soiling moment when my windscreen wipers failed at 65mph in pouring rain in the 3rd lane of the M1, it’s surprising how under appreciated windscreen wipers are…


What’s so difficult?

Turning right…
Turning left…
slowing or stopping…


or just stick a TAXI sign on the roof


Or drive a BMW… :slight_smile:


Beener hand gestures are usually different…


I had a friend who always carried a potato for such failures. Wiped over the screen water runs off !


Top tip :slight_smile:


Also works on toilets to help prevent skids. As does rainX. If you can still buy it.


just use a hammer to smash the windscreen out - it has the added bonus of not steaming up and not having to waste energy using the ventilation system


Bit like a Land Rover then?


Preparing for a record show on Saturday.


Thought that was another Munich pic.


My back hurts looking at that lot


but he has Stronzeto to assist


Nice aide memoire from back in the day Jim,

unfortunately the windows won’t open.

Computer says no.


Stronzetto is useful as an ass contortionist. Whilst I remain in measured awe of his capabilities / capacity, I fear there may be a slight dip in sales if I were forced to remove this lot from his rectum in front of condition obsessed collectors…It may come to that however as I am five clicks north of lazy.


Whereabouts? On the evidence that you’ve got a copy of Voices of East Harlem you might have other stuff up my strasse?


Don’t like to be sanctimonious, but over here we call them “Mexicans”…


The show is in Exeter, I tend not to take too much soul / funk / R&B as the main buyers are generally Jazz / Prog guys.

I’ll put some bits together in a couple of weeks and PM if you’d like?