Today I have mainly been


Was hoping to come then hit Ikea,but overslept


Spent an enjoyable morning with mat and John the womble at Exeter record fair, it’s a funny old world is record collecting. Now back to dismantle wardrobes in preparation for euro mania this evening


Been at Derby Hospital, Donna’s had an MRI


Hope all is well :crossed_fingers:

Today has been wasted lying in bed feeling exceptionally shit, punctuated with half-hourly blasts of white-hot arse-gravy into the nearest crapper…


Hope Donna is OK mate.


Climbing Cheviot in actual sunshine.

Gratuitous pic for @Valvebloke

Hope Donna is OK @freefallrob


Best wishes to Donna, hope she is OK


Where’s the moat around that trig point? Looks as if they’ve done some work since I was last there.


Hope it’s nothing serious Rob.


Been years since I’ve been up. There are huge flagstones for about a mile either side leading to and from the summit now.


Thanks for the pic. But I’ve never been up Cheviot, despite all of Mrs VB’s older relatives recommending it.

For now I’m still banned by the podiatry people from walking any real distance at all. The soft-tissue lady who’s been seeing me recently, and who I’m starting to think is actually really good, has a theory which we’re testing. In the meantime I also have to go and see the musculo-skeletal people who a) have lost all my records in a transfer to a new provider (Useless. Tossers.) and b) only have appointments in the foreseeable future in bloody Henley-on-Thames. So that’s where I’ll be on Friday.

Much more importantly, best wishes to Donna Rob. Hoping all is well.



That sounds unfunny. Can you still get kaolin and morphine ? A more obviously functional remedy it’s hard to imagine.



Bit early for wedding nerves :unamused:


Hope it’s nothing serious. All the best to you both.


It was the trig point I thought you may have seen. Was there not a thread years ago about you and some trig points? Or did I dream it?



Hope things are ok Rob - thoughts to you both


There was. But not that trig point. On one of my prep walks for the Lyke Wake Walk I was delayed by a guy who was ‘bagging’ them. Here’s his record About half way down on 2016-04-04 at 16:50 he makes it to Louven Howe. In the log he re-christens me brian. Which some people thought was funny.



Ah that’s it. For some reason I thought you were a ‘bagger’.


Silly bugger, yes. Bagger, no.