Today I have mainly been


Thanks guys, she’s been in a lot of pain with her neck, shoulder and down her left arm, with some pins and needles and weakness etc. We think something like maybe cervical spondylosis…but we shall see what comes back.


OK Brian.


fixing the top of a newel post

cooking 3 hours 4 dishes


I wish, but if I was well enough to go out I’d prolly not need it, plus they took the actual morphine out of it decades ago, sadly… :frowning:


time to deploy a butt plug


Hence Guy’s cork…^

Pressure is way too high to risk Mnsr. Creosote moment… Sam’s barely talking to me as it is - she doesn’t approve of other people being ill…


slow cooking a ham hock for some ham hock deliciousness dinners

re-roping one of the cat scratching posts


Went into the shed for the first time in months to find the floor covered in rat shit and stinking of rat piss. Little bastards have got in through a hidden rotted out hole behind a storage box and made a nest in one of the sun lounger cushions (new last summer, and not cheap).

Ellie is stationed up there now, armed with her air pistol and rifle.


Use peanut butter out in the open where she can shoot them easily, rats go mental for it.

If you poison them the little bastards crawl into a space and rot away stinking the place out.


At the NVCF. I thought it was quieter than usual but I still managed to pick up a few components that I’ve been looking for. It was nice to see Beobloke of this parish too, and a fair few vintage radio mates.



Packing for our holiday and have just taken Zak to the boarding kennels :disappointed_relieved:


Blatant I’m going on holiday post :grinning:


Well it’s so rare I get to take one.


I’m a bit pissed that the ginga pipe mangler hasn’t bitten yet!


He’s probably smacking little white balls into ponds or sand pits.


Ten quid says he’s on holiday himself…


We decided that swings and slides were a better option for KettleJnr.


Oh I’m here. Just festering quietly. :slight_smile:


Eight weeks!


glad you have a good soft tissue expert greame , so incredibly important to have someone who knows what they are talking about . been to a fair few podiatry conferences in past and they always have gruesome pics