Today I have mainly been


Also, my reply to johnybaby does not imply that I am ginger.


today been chatting over contigency plans in case of terrorist attack at the community centre and how to manage etc . tragic that one has to consider this but its a very real possibility

also been looking at cossh assessments re storage of liquids but i am woefully out of date

and also preparing house for full cctv camera set up to be fiited this week , another pain in the neck but becoming more necessary


Denial is a terrible thing :rofl:


Out for a few hours on the bike this afternoon - a very pleasant 20 mile up and down trundle


Feckin eight week holiday ?! How much do you charge the good people of the northeast for their plumbing?! :open_mouth:


Have you suddenly been approached by MI5 for covert operations?


If he has, he hasn’t read the section in the manual where it mentions covert…


He’s been practising his skills on rogue East European Builders

The little terrors


we have a house full of cameras - so Louise can play Cat Watch.

in fact she has just suggested we cut a hole in the living ceiling big enough for a two storey cat scratching pole to pass through into the room above and up to the ceiling of that room. When I suggested the hole would need enough clearance around the pole for a cat - she said “oh but the cats would like it”

mind you what’s madder? cutting a hole through to upstairs to get a speaker through or a giant cats firemans pole


G’Day Blue



SAt the Circus with the kids. Really enjoyed it as usual, always amazes me how many different ways Circus performers think of to present traditional skills and disciplines. No safety equipment was present during any of the acts including the trapeze guy who flew 20 feet from one swing bar to another, he had the girls screaming a treat.

The blurred images of two people hanging from TB1 are a couple hanging upside down the guy is hanging by his feet while he span his wife (at a hell of a rate) while she was holding on by her teeth :flushed:


It’s the cars MOT tomorrow, so in preparation I have washed it.

Obviously it will now pass now problemo :+1:




have you washed the stains from the interior?


Funny you should mention that, yes!


we love zippos , they come here every year


one of our neighbours has quite a few cameras trained on the street , last year when both of our cars were vandalised in one night [ only the locks fortunately ] i watched one nights worth of cctv . we very rarerly get much trouble though apart from one chap who got kidnapped with his car and a house subsided after neighbours dug low next door . they had to move out .

you might know one of my fav progs is escape to the country but no where is perfect

it was very entertaining as it was ramadan and folks were up and down street all night long !! never spotted the culprit though but i did get to know one of the neighbours whom i probably would never have spoken to .


i caught our postman doing something he shouldnt. Used the video file as evidence which led to a reprimand.


Nicked your dark net delivery?


he was opening my brown packages, I could tell as the pages were stuck together.