Today I have mainly been


Quite rightly too mate, the shit he pulled makes the majority of hard working Posties look bad.

Make sure you make a complaint about your photo too.


the photo was Whistl whoever they are.


Whistl are TNT, and they don’t deliver to domestic addresses for stuff like that. Royal Mail (ie your Postie) do the last mile delivery for them.

Complain to your local RM delivery office, yet again. :roll_eyes:

You’d think after the stuff you’ve complained about, and the level you escalated it to, they’d take a bit more care when delivering to you.

Unless of course you’ve failed the Attitude Test…


Getting back into the routine of work after a fortnight off.


My piles bleed for you.




you were right wow some great goals and woeful defending

I was never anything but polite with them


I don’t doubt it Simon, I was being flippant.

You do, however, seem to attract a disproportionate amount of bad service from your Postie(s). If I were you I’d speak to the Delivery Office Manager directly to try and resolve this.


I did beating the bounds yesterday, an entirely ridiculous thing where we walk around the ancient boundary of the city. Despite being completely knackered, I had a terrible night’s sleep. Bah.


Does it involve visiting local hostelries?


Oh yes!


Name any traditional but otherwise pointless activity and they will nearly all involve the local hostelries!


We are setting off for Bethesda, Snowdonia, for Jan to do the longest zip wire in Europe. It apparently reaches speeds of up to 125 mph. I will be staying safely in the cafe with Bramble. Basil has gone to the Lake District Fell walking with my son.

Beautiful day for both.


Trying to get rid of two Jehova witness punters from my front door… Two old dears one side of the street, and two working the other, like a bloody pincer movement.


That is on my list too.


I suggest grinding up some of your supply of Viagra and popping the powder in some tea. Then when they call offer them the tea in a takeaway cup, to take with them on their journey down the street.

Observe what happens from your window and report back.


Shall do :+1:


rather you than me mick !!!


Enjoying my new unemployed status -3 lovely dog walks, a couple of albums listened too and now currently eating a great big bag of crisps with a bottle of beer, and it’s not even midday yet.:sunglasses:


sounds good , are you looking for a new job then ? or retiring ?