Today I have mainly been


Definitely having the whole summer off, it is a World Cup year after all.:grin:

Then see how things stand after that. Will probably have died from alcohol and saturated fat poisoning by then.


very nice too , enjoy !!




It must be the season for them. We had a family of them yesterday… complete with smiling ‘Omen’-esque child. They had clearly descended on our village en-masse as no sooner had one group of smiling bastards eventually fucked off the doorbell goes again. Fuckers.


In my mid-twenties I used to work with a Jehovah’s Witness and a couple of us were quite matey with him.

Needless to say we ripped the piss out of him mercilessly and got into some interesting “debates” about the more whackjob elements of the faith.


I Googled it after they had left. Pretty much all of it seemed whackjob to me !


Oh aye. Mental.


We used to have few of them work in the unit next door to my old work place making Windows and doors (Lion Windows if I remember correctly), they were great fun and nice people frankly, not the sort of thing for me though.


Getting Me Mightye Stallionne (06 reg Corsa) serviced and MOTed.

The folks at the garage laughed at it :cry:

Still, when the bloke at the car wash saw it had 14k on the clock he tried to buy it.





although i don`t agree with JW beliefs , i am constantly incredulous how they stand in freezing cold conditions on streets giving out their literature . they are so sincere in what they believe but its not easy to debate with them since the NY leadership always stress what they believe . its a shame there is not more critical thought among them to examine beliefs and see what is lacking

i do have friends who are jw`s but
they have predicted the end of the world so many times and so far have 100% failure rate


There’s a regular pair who knock on my door maybe once or twice a year. I say I’m a committed atheist and we have a nice chat for 5-10 mins. I don’t agree with anything they believe but they’re always pleasant and polite and you can’t doubt their commitment in the face of hostility and ridicule.


My mate’s dad did a theology degree as a mature student, was considered for ordained ministry and ended up proofreading and indexing theology books for a living. One day the JW’s turned up. 45 mins later they decided to leave.


had they eaten all his biscuits?


Critical thinking doesn’t tend to be a strong feature in most organised belief systems, they tend to rely on the opposite…


Yeah, fear, separation and other nasty shit.


Would it surprise you to learn that every church I have been involved with (all towards the evangelical side of things) has been very much against anti-intellectualism?


We talking about Brexit now?


Campaign strategy for the Remain Campaign? It never works.


We had some trees planted in the pavement by the local authority to make the street look nicer a few months back.

A couple of days later a couple of JWs knocked on my door and we got talking. I was denying creationism and one of JWs pointed to one of the new trees and said “Where do you think that came from then?”

Redbridge Council, I replied.