Tools you have bought/desire


Now Narelle is back in work, I will probably look at the basic unit and build up from there.


It does seem pretty great, I ordered one of these for my Dad,

Which kicked off the whole wanting to homebrew look at shiny things :smiley:


Looks good. But ten pints wouldn’t last through a gloomy Tuesday in this house :smile:


Its a toy, but for $300 why not, bit of fun.


Troo dat.


I desire myself


You’re certainly a tool… I’ll give you that :slight_smile:


Sexually Self-Sufficient :+1:



Bought yesterday. Just fished a 1.5" screw, and my SiL’s butterfly clasp (lost at Christmas) out of the shower trap.

I’m sure @A_Touch_of_Cloth will be around in a minute to tell me why plungers are baaaad, m’kay?


Aww bless… look at your cute wittle pwunger :slight_smile:

Plunging is good for the soul… but ferrrrrrchrissakes man get a proper one.


That was all they had in B&Q.

It seemed to do the job.

Plunge 1: blockage gone, shower drains properly
Plunge 2: clasp appears
Plunge 3: screw (presumably dropped by bathroom fitters) appears


Keep going until the pubes come out. :slight_smile:


I had a girlfriend who said that once


Had to grab one of these after seeing @edd9000’s. It’s a really nice set.

Also bought some torque screwdrivers.

This is why I have no money. :cry:


Absolutely bloody love Wera.


Like you haven’t got any Wera screwdrivers/wrenches/sockets etc etc


There’s such a thing as too much? :flushed:


I bought a 750mm breaker bar last week. It makes incredibly light work of wheels bolts.


It’s also due to the fact your hifi comes from the other side of the world on it’s own boat.


I bloody love shouting “Wera my screwdrivers” etc to the wife. I get the same look of bitter disappointment every time. It’s great.