Tools you have bought/desire


It’s not a particularly expensive or individual tool, but I bought one of these today. It’s really seriously impressive and so nice to use.


Foo grater. :+1:


Buy stuff the right size and they become obsolete. Magical it is.


It’s Schumann game is strong, and it’s only 20€.




very nice, i use a couple of their rotary ones for shaping resin, they stay sharp.


Ah. Bugger ! I’ll get me coat. Inserts ‘embarrassed emoji’ in text, coz of site can’t reasons.


Shiny spanners with many clicks.


Just got the 125 and 180mm versions of these. Expensive, but superb.


Knipex combination pliers are probably the best on the market too. It used to be Elliot Lucas, but their quality is poor now compared to what it used to be.


Yeah, I have a couple of pairs of others of theirs, a long combination set and a snipe nose. They’re often randomly discounted on Amazon, so you can pick them up for under £10. Sadly the pliers wrenches are always expensive.


Knipex , an electricians staple


I like Bahco for cutters.

These heavy duty cutters are a bargain at the moment, at £7.48, they’re normally 3x the price.


Love this guy’s YouTube channels here he destruction tests tools amongst other stuff.

Dismantling a Dyson (he uses the words ‘piece of shit’ a lot)


That’s a stone bargain! I have a similar model and they’re tremendous cutters.


That was properly funny, love the way he opened the box.
Have to agree with him though, that Dyson looks like a total piece of shit.


Fuck, I want one of those mini chainsaws now.


great for cutting up floorboards to make space for a speaker


No you don’t

Pointless tool that does the job less well than the 21 proper tools it is meant to replace.



Oh I know, but it kind of hilarious. A mini fucking chainsaw, what’s not to like!