Tools you have bought/desire


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Chaps, I could do with some advice please…I want and need a decent Table Saw for home jobs and diy projects. Will be used for working with mdf, ply and occasionally hard woods. Needs to fold away for storage in garage but also be accurate for both 90 and 45 deg cuts. No wobbly fences etc.
There’s loads out there, just wondering what I should be spending to get a decent one that will last? Bearing in mind will get used only occasionally.

Any advice or recommendations welcome.


No idea if its any good


I am currently looking for one,my research suggests the the de walt DW745 looks good it has a rack and pinion fence has a sturdy top and is portable - best price is around £399 it may be more than you are looking to spend though?


This looks ok based on reviews but no idea if it’s going to be decent long term…


I had £300 ish in mind but if it needs to be £400 then that is fine.
Ive out grown cheap tools, going slowly up grade over the coming months and years and buy quality once.

To add, the de walt looks good but doesn’t have legs


As well as Makita and Dewalt,we used to use Hitachi which were very good,that was 15 years ago so don’t know how the quality is on them these days.


I have some Hitachi cordless drills (which I bought when the battery failed on my Makita). I really like them, as much as the Makita, which is usually my first choice for power tools.


I have drooled over the Festool set up that @simonms uses but would supect it is out of budget.


My dad has a Felder table saw which is excellent.



Having watched the videos on their website. That looks surprisingly substantial. Defo on the short list. Thanks.
640mm width is decently useful as well.


Another vote for the Dewalt 745. Bought one about 2 years to help with the side extension I built. Lovely saw. Fence is rock solid. It’s portable but heavy enough so when you put it down and run timber through it won’t jump around. I paid the high three hundreds i think.

Change the blade to a better one though.


Portable and accurate you say, tricky that one. Having said that, kity do some cracking bench saws and if you can find one in budget that would be my choice. Slightly over budget, but this one does come with the sliding table, handy for larger pieces of ply.

On my list for “if I had a big enough workshop”



Probs going to buy the Dewalt 745, having read the internet it does seems like a safe bet and there’s an optional stand.


Which blade did you go for as an upgrade?


Freud 40tpi for general work and 60tpi for finish cuts.

I can’t remember the arbor size on the Dewalt without looking. You may to get spacers to work with the Freud blades. Not a problem at all, I’ve done that on previous saws with no issues.