Tools you have bought/desire

Im looking at that 300mm sander as well.
Cant decide which will be of more use to me between these 2, both similar money.

PrimeTools seem to have some good deals. e.g:


That is a seriously good deal.

Horses for courses, but I’ve had both and only kept the 12 inch disc sander, a Record one in my case.

Do you ever bother to change the disc for another grit? Is it much of a faf?
I’d imgain the adhesive is a pita to deal with when removing

I bought this SnapOn roll cab thirty odd years ago. It cost me an arm and a leg back then but it has served me well.

This one I bought four years ago for my tools at work. It was a tenth of the price of the Snap On roll cab. I don’t know what that would be in real terms given the time span but a serious difference I’d imagine. Maybe not quite as well made as the SnapOn cab but I’m more than happy with it :smile:


Nice. Snap-On are crazy priced these days, I make do with the Halfords Professional toolboxes. For tools I tend to go with Japanese (Koken or Nepros) and the odd bit of snap on.

There wasn’t as much choice thirty odd years ago and SnapOn knew how to market their products. They were objects of desire that most mechanics aspired to. Today there’s a huge choice of relatively cheap quality tools and equipment and if I was going to do it all again (which I’m definitely not) I wouldn’t let my heart rule my head.

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Only once, they last an age. I used a heat gun and a scraper, not too bad, 15 mins and done. I use it to sand back to a line, particularly curves. The Festool Kpax saw cuts mitres etc far more accurately than you could sand back with either a belt or disc sander.

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Oh if you do go for the disc sander never ever remove the guard on the right. They will flip a peice of wood over in a split second and proceed to sand away any fingers trapped between the work piece and the disc, rapidly. Much ouch and claret.

Noted. Bad luck :grimacing:

Acquired, thanks for the heads up.

Shiny Nepros thing on black friday deal

A few more handy bits’n’bobs from Prime Tools sale -

Cheap’n’cheerful die set for thread-clearing reasons mostly.


Small but perfectly formed, the two Torx i need for the Landy.

Not just a half-inch spanner nowadays, then?

Nah, some fecker let Ford and BMW loose on them. :slight_smile:


A space heater, finest chinesium, went whoosh, bang fucked yesterday, no doubt as the underspecced components let go. Anyroad, Toolstation instant tefund and just as quickly spent on a much needed set of drivers, Wera Lasertips.

The tips are laser etched which means they grip screwhead rather well, less downforce required. Ideal for knacketed old screws on a Landy.


Because nothing says i love you quite like a precision 12v probe, an essential tool in any Meatmsn’s repertoir.

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This many layers of right can never be wrong