Tools you have bought/desire


If you haven’t already check out Paul Sellers on YouTube. His work is superb.


Any sort of work. I’ve used them when building sheds and making furniture.

You can register free and see lots of his videos


Good to know they’re robust enough for heavier jobs, I’ll aim to get a rip saw next.

The chap in the shop showed me one with a blade that was 150 microns thick. The cut was so fine i had to hold the peice up to the light to see the gap.


Get a Ryoba. Double edge saw for cross and rip sawing (second from right in my picture) I’ve easily cut 4" x 4" posts with mine.


Are they sharpenable? Or is it really hard steel?


Not sharpenable AFAIK Extremely hard steel.

You can get replacement blades and re-use the handles


How long have yours lasted?

I know, I know it’s a how long’s a bit of string question.


The two on the left are about 4 years old and they’ve had a lot of use. The cross cut is starting to get less efficient, but the rip saw is still perfect.


Should have used your safe word. :grin:


This thread is probably the most suitable seeing as a workbench is a tool of sorts and I’ve paid for the components…made some progress today. Changed the design slightly which means I need to make a new pair of legs which will help support the vice and 3 shelves on the left. The top has come together well after some work with the planes and a sander, very pleased with it.






Nice work!


Ta, 'kin worn out after all that. Chopped the wood with a hand saw.


Yep, did the same with mine. Built it in Hartlepool, then took it apart 2 years later and rebuilt it here. Not as posh as yours (2 x 3/4" ply top) but it’s solid enough to moor a moderately sized cruise ship to it :grin:


Nice, that’s a work bench for life. I need to incorporate a back board for tools as well.
I’m going to have 18mm ply top on mine. Will bring the surface height to 950mm which is spot on for me.
A 36mm ply top is more than enough for what I need, I only laminated mine becuase I wanted the challenge, could stand and elephant on it, way ott.


Lovely work! Are you still Oxford based these days? :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks, the bench on the other side of my workshop is a much more modest affair, but it does the job, holding some of the bench tools.


Super, rather envious of the space you have.
Have you got any dust extraction? Im going to get a vac and make a cyclone system.
Ive got plans for a chop saw table to the left of mine. Im space limited as there’s a car in the garage.


No dust extraction. I connect an Axminster vacuum cleaner to a lot of the power tools, but other than that I just wear P3 dust masks. I keep looking at dust extraction systems, but haven’t pressed the button yet.


We move to another village 3 yrs ago, but yes same area.


Blimey has it been that long since I last popped over when you had the Lenco PTP, Vfet, Decware and Jordan speakers!