Tools you have bought/desire


Sim only is the way forward. I’m using the same saving to buy tools as well :smile:


Pretty much finished my bench today, very happy with how its turned out.
Vice went in ok with the help of a 32mm forstner bit to sink the bolts. The plywood sheet is bolted down in each corner with T nuts smacked into the underside of the laminated top.
The axminster adjustable feet are excellent, defo recommend them for leveling stuff.
It’s an absoulte bitch to move around, had to use a trolly jack to help level it.


Cracking job mate. :+1:


Yes lovely job


Looks solid! Lovely work :+1:




Oh, that is nice. Time to get it filthy dirty and covered in sawdust.


VTA looks a shade high at the back


It’s the photo.


For anyone who needs electronics wire cutters, Amazon have a couple of bargains at the moment:

These are both normally between £50 and £60


the need to buy a new screwdriver set is high

Facom or Wera

Facom AS.J12R1PG Set of 12 Screwdrivers with 2 Racks

Wera 051010 Kraftform Plus Screwdriver Set (12 Pieces)

or something else


Wera for me


that’s my inclination


I love Facom for spanners, but for screwdrivers, definitely Wera.


show off :wink:


Btw, for Wera cheapest place I’ve found is


Bargain on bahco pliers…


Allen keys look good,i’m after a decent set for work


just realised I had £50 of Amazon vouchers in my account…happy days