Tools you have bought/desire


Need to get a set of each

Colour coded like this would be handy;



Bondhus make great allen keys


Look perfect,they take a serious amount of abuse taking the old machines apart.



This thread is costing me


Bought a set - Cheers


Nice little socket set…


I found it very hard to resist this


You have now cost me a fortune. I will own the bestest mint condition toolbox ever.




What you need is this…

The 2017 advent calendar kit was seriously good and a very useful set. Can be found for about £50.


like this one


That’s the one. Superb set. I couldn’t resist one after seeing @edd9000’s.


I’ve just ordered that.

Can we all just stop for a while please?


Anyone on the lookout for a 1/4" socket set could do a lot worse than this

Britool sockets and drivers are very good indeed.


By all accounts the modern Britool stuff is no where near the old stuff. :frowning:



Oh well, scratch that then.

Bit like Elliot Lucas pliers then. Had an old pair that were perfect but they got nicked. Bought a new pair and they’re bang average.




Yeah, apparently so from what I’ve been reading. Enough to put me off. I think their ‘expert’ range is supposed to be decent.

Toptul are a brand I recently heard about and get good reviews - v. similar to Facom, but often the Facom version is cheaper, lol.

Even the Lindstrom stuff now feels not as good as my original made in Sweden stuff. Sigh…


When I was doing rallies back in the late '80s it was Britool and Snap-on that were the go to. Also an American brand that I can’t remember the name of at the minute, Pro-tool or something. May be that they were sold or distributed by the local Morgan garage at the time. Not that Morgans were good for rallying or anything:scream:, just the local agency, McDonald’s in Lanchester, also sold the tools and had a rolling road so after every engine rebuild I ended up there!