Tools you have bought/desire


Seem like good value.


And if you want nut fuckers (they do come in useful), Bahco are the very best.


I have to agree with that


Nice set. Each spanner is 4 sizes (I have a set for the car).


Nice Teng Set.


These are my favourite ratchet combination spanners, the mechanism will even tolerate a tap with a soft hammer to get things moving. I do mean a tap though.

Edit: The very fine ratchet makes them unbeatable in confined spaces.


Lovely Wera screwdrivers arrived. Even Louise like them; she picked one up, felt the handle and exclaimed “that feels nice”


The claim is that the shape is what you get when squeezing a block of plasticence.


That has an other-worldly sound to it …



Because my phone made it up, lol


Clever spanners


I have a set of these, they are excellent :+1:


EBay have 10% off site wide today.


Lindstrom cutters on sale for £14.


There’s something very strange going on with that offer. I ordered a pair from Amazon at the start of the week when I paid £22 or so for them (still a good price, compared to list). When I went back to the listing I found that the number available had dropped by one (good, they’d allocated one to me) but the price had gone up a pound or so. It seemed that they were applying the rarity/price rule in real time - the fewer they had left, the more each pair was going to cost. I’ve just followed your link, which shows £14.63, and found that a couple of minutes ago the price was £36.91 !



Yeah, this is what happens when you have automated pricing algorithms. I’ve seen it drop slightly after ordering, too - go figure.

I guess someone bought them at £14 and the price has now jumped up.


I got them at £14 :grinning:

You’ll bankrupt me Pete !


Nice one!




These are a good price, too. True flush cutters.

Bahco 2648 A - Diagonal Cutter 2648 A