Tools you have bought/desire


V. nice combination pliers.

Bahco 2628 GC-160IP - Comb Plier Chromed 160Ip


Stop it ! Stop it now !
This is costing me a fortune :angry:


Being a cheapskate, I picked up a pair of these in Lidl for £2. Seem decent so far.


I wouldn’t try cutting piano wire with them though :grin:

(Unless you want them to have that serrated look)


No, this pair are for electronics only. They are chrom-van, though, and the cutting edges are well aligned.



When did Lindstrom become Bahco?

Still the same quality?


Well they’re both part of SNA Europe


Just curious as I have a few pairs in various state of repair from my days doing broadcast wiring.

TBH I have ‘serrated’ more than one pair! :grinning:



My view is my old Swedish pair were a little better than my current made in Spain ones.


EBay are doing 20% off Milwaukee power tools today, in case anyone needs anything.



Bahco BE-9778 Hexagon Offset Screwdriver Set, Silver/Orange


I had a beer in Milwaukee once, it gave me the Schlitz


Heyco (they make tools for BMW toolkits) spanners for less than half price.

Facom pliers also for a good price.



@ Coco just can’t leave his bargain tool alone

…poundworld heir


The hunt for bargains continues!

Bahco 21HDD-140 Side Cutting Pliers, Black/Orange, 140


These now are £120 I should have bought them straight away

Is this a good deal?