Utterly mental HiFi


“Nice metal case for the transformers, keep down any stray flux?”
“More blockboard. All of the blockboard.”



(Although to be fair those aren’t exactly humungous valves driving them.)



Mr. Blockboard (Kiyohara-san)

Valves attempting to escape blockboard prison will be restrained.


Home made field coil cart


When your son designs turntables on Minecraft, and you tell him “Good job, mate!”.


I’d be curious to hear the blockboard set up.


I’d like to hear what that platter does to those Garrards. I wonder if you can hear the bearing slowly disintegrating. :grinning:


I’m really not sure about the block platters unless they are precise in form and potentially dynamically balanced? I guess Kiyohara-san likes the ‘tone’ - He certainly has some grown up kit… judging by the equipment and his age I assume he has some experience? He certainly has gone to some lengths here.


There was a video somewhere, they wobble around all over the place.


Ha, really?! :man_facepalming:



Fail. Needs a screwdriver battery.



Dog sitting bang on the sweet spot, not called Jim by any chance?


Please say that an AV setup


I’ve seen that picture before, and yes, I think it’s AV. McIntosh kit IIRC.


Yep $1M of AV system.


Wooden you.



The things you can do with CNC!


Is it some Lowell Diety?