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Ha ha ha 52% v 48% in the AA referendum. You couldn’t make it up could you?




Of course as the side I voted for won, it’s obviously not unfinished business. :face_with_monocle:


I can see a late surge of votes from noted members like Horatio Q Sockpuppet and Ebenezer Scrotum turning the tide of public opinion.



Wait, Oops, I was Rong. My side lost. Remoaning Cunts…



Mr. MWS concludes



Already campaigning for AAref2


Fucken hell, back to 50:50. Make your minds up, you bell ends.



On the basis there’s a fix for phone users (that will be implemented at some point) im thinking about changing my vote, which the software allows by the way.


:clown_face: what could possibly go wrong now?


We can’t move forward until the knob who called the vote resigns…


I’m confused @murrayjohnson had nothing to do with the vote.:innocent:

Rather than an election for the replacement following the resignation we might hold a barbecue pork eating competition. The winning candidate being the one who manages to gas the others into submission.


In my younger years, we used to have a Mc Donalds bigmac and coca cola eating contest. One coke, one bigmac, one coke, one bigmac etc… Not to be recommended. My friend Chris in Staines managed 17, he wasn’t well after, nor was I after about 8.

Other ones include all you can eat pasta joints in London, again Chris won on being thrown out of the gaff after 15 bowls.


We did similar except with chicken nuggets. Mate of mine managed 65. He also drank an entire bottle of red aftershock later that evening.

To add, my best was 43, its not so much the volume that gets you with nuggets more the repetition.


Presumably, as part of the new system, we lose some important human right, such as the right to freedom from prog?


Under the new regime prog will be compulsory