We are trialling a new forum landing page


I reserve the right to change my mind after the poll has closed, and plead all manner of special circumstances that mean we need another vote once the full ramifications of my previous decision have been nauseatingly pointed out to me over and again on the internet.


It’s shaping up to be just like Brexit. Landingpagxit.


The Poll option wording is leading and biased

Option A: The new landing page is fine
Option B: The old landing page was fine.

Viva the revolution! Vote Stronzetto.


Would the request for a second referendum bar you from taking part as it would mean that you evidently hadn’t grasped the concept of referendums? I think it should really, you landingpaxitard.


No, I’m a post hoc decision maker, so referendums are perfect


On my Note with stylus pen the “latest” button is a breeze. Bloody remoaners, never happy. If we are to expand into new markets we need to embrace the change and freedoms associated with a two tap system.


New page is fine, both on laptop and tablet. Very rarely visit on my phone, so no issues from me.


Err…it’s a crazy idea, but you try clicking on “unread” :crazy_face:


I never see the landing page, just unread, latest then snooze.

So I would like a Meh option but that would be the equivalent of voting for the SDP so forget it.


I’ve noticed no change. But then again, I still use windows 1810.

And in the little clip above in the background, behind the fella in the stripey shirt, there lurks a shadowy figure. Stronzetto, perhaps?




I normally embrace change, however, clinical ambivalence is my bedfellow as far as this subject is concerned.

I imagine the new landing page like the lure atop an angler fish.


We have a fix for the phone thing that displays Latest in the old way, but @TMC is too busy doing real life to implement it at the moment.





unleash him… let him roam free


Looks like the new layout stays. :smiley:


More ‘win’’ for first past the post democracy.:tired_face:


Why can’t the first A take you to landing site and the second A take you to latest?


Could I not accept the outcome of this vote & then whinge about it for ages?

Seems to be the norm these days. :smiley: