Weird Food Combinations that Work...maybe. (We've moved on from Hot Cross Buns)


Too busy packing to look :relieved:


I’m with Mario, bacon & sausage is a waste - less than the sum of its parts.


Me too.

Bacon sandwich
Bacon & egg sandwich
Bacon & mushroom sandwich
Bacon & black pudding sandwich
Sausage sandwich

All good

Bacon & sausage sandwich



Better and better. I’ll have yours too :+1:.



Difficult, I wouldn’t make one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




I wouldn’t expect you to understand, given some of the shit combinations you’ve proffered


Going out on a limb here but I think Sausage & egg is the king of sandwiches, actually superior to bacon & egg if the quality of the sausage is high.


I certainly prefer the sausage & egg McMuffin, but that’s probably not the quality you’re referring to :grinning:


Not convinced.

Egg and bacon :+1:
Sausage and bacon :+1:
Sausage and egg :no_entry_sign: (although I will, of course, hoover it up)


Of course, a sausage and bacon sandwich is even further enhanced with a good dash of chilli sauce…




Which proves my earlier point


Feckin’ bun trollists moving on to sandwich trollisms. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


The only thing I can think of (and certainly not for breakfast) that could possibly accompany sausages in a sandwich would be fried (caramelised) onions.


I’m partial to a square sausage and egg roll from the cafe outside Parkhead on matchdays but it’s nowhere near the king of sandwiches.

That would involve rye bread, lashings of thin cut hot salt beef, mustard and sliced kosher dill pickled cucumber.


I find myself also to be in agreement with the bucketfouler - while I’d never knowingly refuse a bacon and snag sammidge, it would be improved by the appropriate amount of pork-apartheid: bacon here, snag here, and ne’er the twain should meet.

And yes sausage works blissfully well with any one of onions (pref. fresh + crispy + onion marmalade + remoulade or mustard), or mushrooms, but I generally prefer black pud or bacon to be a Thing in its own right within a sammidge.

People who don’t like shroomingtons are Deeply Suspect.

E.g. notorious charity nonce Jimmy Savile famously disliked them…


Thick cut bloomer lightly toasted, spread thickly with English Mustard (made by the butler from finest English Mustard powder not the weak stuff from a jar). Then layer split lengthwise sausages, add on crispy smoked bacon, spurt on some Tomato Ketchup add a fried egg adorned with fumbled black putting. Finally top with slices of slow roast tomatoes and red onion Close off the sandwich with a slice treated as before.

Don’t forget to slide each side of the sandwich into the frying pan to briefly absorb the frying fat


If you’re trolling, fine.



Bacon, sausage and black pudding with mushrooms and brown sauce, on white bread crusty roll.

Has to be done.