WFH setups

Spamming the gaming thread so no no

Just going to do it here instead. Show me ones setups for your home prison / working space.

I need inspo

Nothing new on the AA. Ever.

Whey cheers

Will keep this open too as it’s a bit more specific.

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Not finished yet, there are some big factory lamps to go above the table but anyway; tailoring workshop with a five-way horn system in it.

We’ve had several people here now and there have been some WTAF moments with the horns. :joy:


Great to see it all coming together for you.
Fantastic work enviroment.

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Although sometimes I work at the dining room table or indeed on my bed upstairs too.


So far, hifi seems important. :grin:

Brilliant , close the thread :smile:

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How’s it all going Ritchie ?

hope you are offering faff pourover coffee to your clients

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It’s going very well, much better than I expected tbh.

Since starting properly last June, I’ve not been out of work. There was a period in early autumn when I more or less stopped because I had to work on the space - painting and decorating, shifting things about etc, etc. At this time we were building our website too. Then I got busy again and the site went on the back burner. I was really concerned just prior to Christmas that there might be a lockdown but as that possibility receded I’ve been steadily taking orders. I’ve probably got best part of 4 months work in hand with more in the offing. The trick is to not get too high or too low. After all, the next slack period could be just around the corner…

Thruth is though, we haven’t really done anything to promote it and we have business just through old customers appearing and new ones coming by word of mouth.


Brilliant. Very pleased to hear it :+1:

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Fantastic news Ritchie.
A guarantee of 4 months work is better than most people have.
A lot of us are under one months notice (either way).
It must be a big relief to have that bit of security, considering all the uncertainty when you started.

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The other side of it though is the work itself. In my last job I took up the making side of the trade again after something like 20 years as a cutter pretty much exclusively. That was eight years ago and I dabbled at first and I didn’t think my coat making met my standards as a cutter. Then I started to get into it more and had a couple of people helping me and steadily our work became easier. It was always good enough but previously had felt hard.

Now I’m working here by myself. There is no one to do the leg work, the menial tasks. I have to do everything. That is a an enormous thing! I was having to take a deep breath and get on with it, even though I was finding myself getting exhausted with negative thoughts /feelings. But I’ve worked through that and started to come out the other side accepting that what I do is hard work and trying to love every aspect of it. It’s very satisfying and another level to my ability has been reached. I think there are further levels to come, I don’t feel like I know it all, there’s more. If I carry on I think there will become a point in the not too distant future when it all becomes easy. I expect though that I won’t really know I’ve got there because I’ll always have the feeling there is more! Whatever, I’m really loving it. I’ve been getting up at the crack of dawn itching to get started and the days are flying by. I guess I’m doing what I’ve always wanted! :flushed:


Would it be worth looking at getting an apprentice?

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My first reaction is “fuck that!” :rofl::rofl::rofl:



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in which case, you’ve won !

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That’s it though Mike, with how I am and with what I do, I never feel like I’ve won but perhaps just accepting that is winning. :slightly_smiling_face: