What albums have you bought lately?


Charmed, I’m sure.


Actually MIke I think you’d like the Spiritual Jazz 7 & Innerpeace compilations - they’re more of the leftfield type of jazz :+1:


Cheers Allan :+1:

I’ll give them a spin



I reckon you’re a secret Acker Bilk fan, got his entire discography…



That’s real, coming from a Mantovani fan ‘n’ all !


There are some great albums in there Paul - not just because I’ve bought them mind.

The Pat Thomas album is tremendous btw


I confess I had to look Mantovani up…


It’s an age thang mate :+1:


I just had a listen to Nubya Garcia album on qobuz. Right up my street so I ordered the cheapest (£38!!) of the very few remaining 2018 represses on discogs. Discogs had just one original pressing left, keenly priced at £178!

I also listened to the first couple of tracks of the Pat Thomas but I’m right off nearly everything with vocals at the moment so will go back to it later on.


That’s the problem with a lot of the good stuff now Paul it’s very pricey. Good idea about the Pat Thomas but worth sticking with it as it’s a sublime album.


Vinyl is starting to get stupidly expensive across the piece. Time to get a PhD in IT and go dots and bleeps methinks.


We’re too far gone in our habit for that :grinning:


I will never surrender!


R2R 7.5 ips

R2R 3.75 ips


I has the jealousy - I so want that Al Green tape :heart_eyes:


Looking forward to it. The LP sounds great.

That one was actually in Germany. There is currently one in the US but more $$$




Will be interesting hearing the dusty one over the vinyl.