What albums have you bought lately?




Well I’ve had a good run of new stuff so after these three no more for a while

The middle one is Seafaring Strangers - Private Yacht compilation


My missus hates that record, no idea why


The Seafaring Strangers one ?




She’s mental obviously :grinning:


Compared to the last very sane


You and me - we are the same :grinning:


All on vinyl.



£4 for the lot. A compensation for the town being full of charity shops.


“Like” for the vinyl :+1:



2018 repress


One down :grinning:


I didn’t realise there was new repressings out - fuck I’m pratted now as I’ve bought so much new stuff :upside_down_face:


I’d only noticed (and bought) Refried Ectoplasm Vol. 2 & Aluminium Tunes until about half an hour ago…


Bugger - might need to get them onto my xmas / birthday wishlist.


:+1: The frequency of desirable Album re-presses is becoming bank account straining.


I read somewhere that these represses are quite limited. Could be bollocks though.


Thanks for that :grinning:


Possibly not. I will have another listen tomorrow but it’s probably going back. Side 2 is too crackly and noisy during the quiet passages. £38 is far too dear for a poor quality pressing.