What albums have you bought lately?


That’s a pisser and you’re right far too much money for a bad pressing.


Couple of cheapo 2nd hand ones
Pil flowers of romance and talking heads remain in the light


Yeah, I ordered that as well an’ all. I gots to have summat to keep me going.






Snap, Mike. Its been on me must get list fee ages. Spotted your positive remarks on getting a first listen t’other day.

Plus another several albums I’ve been meaning to get fer ages in t’ case of Blackjack & since it came out earlier this year, this nice Arthur Blythe twofer remaster on the British BGO label.


All on CD.W




^^^ excellent :wink:


Arrived today, both CD and Double LP with Lenticular Cover


Gold vinyl reissue



Here’s hoping @spacehopper :upside_down_face:


I’m confident that you will like it Mike - if not I’ll pay for it - can’t say fairer than that :grinning:

It’s a compilation from '95 from Soul Jazz Records (they now release this type of stuff as Universal Sounds) so a pretty early one from them - blurb here:

As far as I know they’ve never re-pressed it on vinyl but I don’t know why as imho it’s still one of their best ever releases. Play loud.





Worth it for the Art Ensemble track alone. :+1:




Oh blimey, that’s a bit soon!