What albums have you bought lately?


Short trip to local record shop today.


Great batch especially with the Donny and Roberta LP.


Nice wee haul from Finders Keepers


Some new arrivals from Sounds Of The Universe


Valerie Soundtrack is ace. :ok_hand:
Have you got the Jean Paul Vannier L’enfant Assassin LP?


I’ve got it on CD Matt but sadly my CD player has decided to go tits up.:confused:


The middle one


Ezra Collective


Brief trip to local record shop yesterday.

Very pleased with the Stooges LP, a really clean copy of the French pressing from 1970. Plays fantastic.


The Runaways. Dad Fap Rock :joy::joy::joy:


I have that Morricone LP. It is superb. Your copy looks to be in very nice condition if the sleeve is anything to go by.


Its mint Olan, could not believe it when I pulled it out. £5.


Couple of Curve 12"-ers



I nearly bought a Morricone soundtrack album the other day in Jacaranda, but bought the Orbital LP instead:

Now on my Discogs want list.


Was obsessed with that programme as a kid. When you’re sat around on a Sunday morning, only 3 channels and NOTHING on, waiting for 12:30 to come around.

Also, the diecast metal Eagle was a thing of beauty.


Yeah, but the one with the pod thing, or the one with the radioactive containers? Eh, eh?




The answer is both, ofc. (I really did have both).


Loved it too. One of Gerry Andersons many high points. I had the Dinky Eagle too. Brilliant.


You should have kept them, boxed ones go for decent money now.


2018 LP pre-order