What albums have you bought lately?


Bugger !


I ordered that the other day. It is out of stock at Bandcamp now but I think Dave still has stock at Sulatron.


I got an email from the EM Bandcamp site this afternoon, around 3.30. There were only a dozen left then!


Dave will have just allowed a stock of 20 or 30 on Bandcamp. It’ll be back on sale tomorrow or the next day. Meanwhile I finally got around to ordering an vinyl copy of Hypnotizer by Interkosmos LP, yet another of Dave’s projects:

I have a copy of the original 2008 CD but the LP has extra material and is on vinyl so it had to be done…


That cover does strange things to my brain


2xLP and 2xCD purchased.

This is the foo issue with the lathe-cut 7" and hi-bling artwork. Arrived today.


Love that cover :+1:


Death Angel,- Act III

Red plastic


White Denim




When they were good :+1:


Visit to Polar Bear records in Kings Heath yesterday. Bought daughter Crystal Castles LP and the latest from Cat Power.

I got these -


That new cat power album is superb


My local record shop. Was Steve playing Dylan in there by any chance?




No but he declared his love of Dylan early on!

Let himself down by saying he doesn’t like Aretha Franklin :man_facepalming:



Hmm just got a copy of this on vinyl from Amazon for a fiver. Condition Used - Acceptable. Wouldn’t be surprised if I have to cellotape it together.



Dead Can Dance - Dionysus


That looks familiar


@Rob998 will be having nightmares again