What albums have you bought lately?


Yeah, saw that, and it reminded me that I was after the Drone Rock compilation. Made an offer on Discogs and the deal was done.



Did you join up ?


No, these things are a bit of a lottery. I buy too many records as it is!




Davy Graham, Ann Briggs, Jackson C Frank , properly scarce.
Original pressings?


Ordered the Collocutor limited edition repress bundle from bandcamp last night. ETA 4th Jan :frowning_face:


I only buy cool music. Gotta be jazz man.

Oh i forgot. I bought Music of the Greek islands from charity shop for £1. Amazing and definitely cool.









Currently enjoying the Champion Jack Dupree LP :+1:


Damn all of you who made me do this



Top 5 of all time IMO.


I’ll let you know what I think when it arrives :+1:


Having heard this sorry tale, it is definitely something for the campfire club at Lopwell :+1:


Ed Wynne - Shimmer Into Nature



Yes, the Shirley and Davy also had a poster for a gig in 1965 I’ve not seen before.