What albums have you bought lately?


R&B at the marquee is a cracking LP. Cyril Davies does some vocals and plays harmonica on that. He’s rather faded from history these days as he died in 64. But he was pivotal in Korners inspiration along with John Mayall and pretty much the early skiffle to mod movement


Yep it’s a belter, couldn’t believe my luck when I found it.


Nerd factoid - Champion Jack Dupree lived in Hallifax in the 70’s / 80’s


Those two LPs were great. Sadly the Jerry Lee Lewis original was mint apart from being very worn/ damaged for the first 90 seconds of side 1, and was returned :slightly_frowning_face:


December 4th announcement that all 7 Stereolab LPs will be re-released. Also it seems that the band will resume playing live in 2019. Not sure how that will work without Mary Hansen but it is interesting news nonetheless.


Hmmm, wallet spanking news.


Have I mentioned that I have all the vinyl, with one obvious exception…


Once or thrice.




For some more than others :weary:

Yes - yes you have :grinning:


On vinyl I lack Margerine Eclipse, Fab Four Suture and Chemical Chords… and of course the super rare one.


I’ll need to give them a miss - I really can’t afford another mega splurge :weary:


Seemed to cheap to say no


So what’s the super rare one ?

Yes yes I know - I can hear the critical typing starting already - call yourself a Stereolab fan !! :joy:



Rarer than a rare thing then.

Every day is a learning / wallet raping day on the AA.


Never had a sniff of that. Also the box set version of Fab Four Suture is rarer than unicorn poo. I’ve never seen either sell second-hand and shudder to think what they might cost.


Been Christmas present buying records, so daughter has got -



Nephew has been begging for a copy of this -



One has taste, then.


Having seen some of the things you’ve dragged out of charity shops I don’t think you’re in any position to question any one else’s taste young man :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :laughing: